quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2009

Sistemas Fractais - 2

Eu completei para Guastello o que tínhamos feito e o caminho que seguimos:

"Hi Stephen,

We have lots of data, some 200 series of development (time-series) data with some 40-60 points each one, measuring for near 200 people (one series for each one), the same variable development.

We do a work of comparing families of data - similar data - defining typical developments, and then we compare each new patient with the typical values - using Return Map Portrait plots and Phase Space Diagram.

We did also a lot of recurrence plot analysis for typical situations, and we studied the system considering prof.Sabelli software for recurrence and novelty.

For other aspects we used Tisean.

We studied also the linearity of the power plot for typical situations (incidence versus intensity), with a linear log-log plot - showing the system is a self-similar one.


I hope that will clear more the scenario! Thank you Stephen!"

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